Hottest at the moment

Below follows a list of what I have recently listened to
(starting from 2002).
I also give a give a very subjective ranking:

*****    A Masterpiece of Progressive Rock - Enjoy it for years to come!!
****    Top quality Progressive Rock!
***    Good work but lacks some real highlights or contains too many ordinary tracks.
**    A disappointment (I have heard better things from this artist or this does not keep my attention)!
*    Let's forget it!

I list things as follows: the approximate date for my listening, the artist, title, ranking
and possibly a comment. Sometimes you can also follow a link to a more
comprehensive review. For a collection of some historical reviews, follow this link!


Feb 2009:   SBB "Iron Curtain"(2009)
****  Nice work from legendary Polish band.
                           See Review!

Feb 2009:   Genesis "Providence - 1974"(Live Bootleg)
*****  Incredible live recording from Rhode Island 8 December 1974. The complete
                                "The Lamb" performed with great energy and inspiration! Plus "Musical Box"
                                and "Watcher of the Skies" as encores. Marvellous! A must for devoted fans!
                                Fantastic drumming by Phil Collins and flawless keyboard/mellotrons from Tony!
                                Also, superior guidance by storyteller Peter. Surprisingly weak response from

Feb 2009:   Id Guinness "Cure for the common crush"(2009)
*** Interesting CD from new Canadian singer/songwriter.
                           See Review!
Jan 2009:   Martin Orford "The old road"(2008)
***** Fantastic final (?) CD from British top progrocker. Inspired playing by many
                                guest musicians. Second track "Power and speed" full of power!
Jan 2009:   Karmakanic "Who's the boss in the factory?"(2009)
**** Another very strong CD from Reingold and company!


Dec 2008:   Pineapple Thief "Tightly unwound"(2008)
****  A great album with lots of Porcupine Tree feelings.
                              See Review!
Dec 2008:   Slychosis "Slychedelia"(2008)
**  Good intentions but badly performed. Nice artwork on cover.
                           See Review!
Nov 2008:   Unitopia "The Garden"(2008)
***  Ambitious CD from Australian band. However, lacks some real strong songs.
                             See Review!
Nov 2008:   Roine Stolt "Wall Street Voodoo"(2005)
****  A very enjoyable CD from Mr. Stolt, this time guitar-dominated but also
                               with some spicy Mellotron enhancements here and there. Nice!
Oct 2008:   Änglagård "Hybris"(1992)
*****  What on Earth! The best Swedish progressive rock album I have ever heard!
                                 How could I miss it before? Massive Mellotron revival!!
Oct 2008:   Marillion "Happiness is the road"(2008)
*****  Back in the genious Marbles-track again! This is an impressing new double-CD!
                                 See Review!
Sep 2008:   Gazpacho "Night"(2007)
****  Very strong CD by Norwegian neoproggers! New Marillion?
                               See Review!
Aug 2008:   Sigur Ros "Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust "(2008)
*****  I am just melting for this superb Icelandic band! Music for your soul!
                               See Review!
Aug 2008:   Opeth "Watershed"(2008)
****  Mikael Åkerfelt and his band has created a new top quality record! Good mix
                               between Death Metal/growl and prog parts. See Review!
Jul 2008:   Amaseffer "Slaves for life"(2008)
***  Very ambitious work from band from Israel supported by singer Mats Leven.
                             See Review!
Jul 2008:   The Tangent "Not as good as the book"(2008)
****  Impressive double CD from impressive band. Maybe a bit too long.
Jun 2008:   Kataya "Canto obscura"(2008)
***  Nice instrumental work from folk-prog-ambient band from Finland.
                             See Review!
May 2008:   Moon Safari "Blomljud"(2008)
****  Strong CD from Swedish new stars on the prog heaven.
Apr 2008:   Beardfish "Sleeping in traffic:Part II"(2008)
***  Another entry from young Swedish Prog band. Inspiring but without the real
                             smash hits. See Review!
Apr 2008:   Moongarden "Songs from the lighthouse"(2008)
****  Great CD from Italian prog giants.
                              See Review!
Mar 2008:   Simon Says "Tardigrade"(2008)
*****  Aaahh! A gold mine for every progrockfan! Lots of Genesis and Yes influences!
                                26-minute track "Brother where you bound" is magnificient!
                                See Review!
Mar 2008:   Glass Hammer "Culture of ascent"(2007)
**  A great disappointment despite nice contributions by old Yes singer Jon Anderson.
                           See Review!
Feb 2008:   Ayreon"01011001"(2008)
*****  Dutch mastermind has done it again! Progressive Metal at its best! Again
                                 impressive singing contributions from several singers.
Feb 2008:    RPWL "The RPWL experience"(2008)
****  Another strong release by German Floyd-inspired band. A bit experimental this time
                               but including trademark pieces as the intro "Silenced" and the remarkable
                               majestic version of Bob Dylan's "Masters of War". See Review!
Jan 2008:    Ritual "The Hemulic Voluntary Band"(2007)
**  Bought by curiosity (some Kaipa links). Decent work but lacks some really strong tracks.
Jan 2008:    The Watch "Primitive"(2007)
***  Nice but not at all in the same division as the previous "Vacuum" release from 2004.


Dec 2007:    The Night Watch "Twilight"(1997)
****  Strong debut CD by band later renamed to The Watch!
Dec 2007:    The Flower Kings "The road back home"(2007, 2CD)
*****  A very enjoyable collection - a must for a fan and perfect for the newcomer!
                                 Extra applause for TFK version of Genesis "Cinema Show"!!!
Nov 2007:    The Flower Kings "The sum of no evil"(2007)
****  A new top quality product from the Kings! Great first track ("One more time").
                               TFK meets Frank Zappa!?
Nov 2007:    Riverside "Rapid Eye Movement"(2007)
****  Polish prog rockers at their best - again! Close to five stars!
Oct 2007:    The Watch "Vacuum"(2004)
*****  Brilliant - This is the CD Genesis never made in the 1972-1975 era!
Sep 2007:    Neal Morse "Sola Scriptura"(2004)
***  Not as good as previous stunning "?" album - too much halleluja and I lost
                             interest rather soon.
Sep 2007:    Transatlantic "Bridge across forever"(2001)
*****  Is this possible - another masterpiece from this supergroup! I miss them so much
                                 after they quitted!
Aug 2007:    Dream Theater "Systematic chaos"(2007)
***  I am sorry - I cannot get enthusiastic about this greatly acclaimed prog group -
                             a good work but leaving me quite neutral.
Aug 2007:    Steve Thorne "Part two - Emotional creatures"(2007)
***  Some nice songs and arrangements but not reaching the real heights.
                             I like the first track "Toxicana apocalypse"
a lot, though!
Jul 2007:     Kaipa "Angling feelings" (2007)
****  Hey, this was nice! Great singing and lots of rythms! Extra plus for "The fleeting
                               existence of time"!
Jul 2007:     Fates Warning "A pleasant shade of grey" (2006)
***  Not bad - some Pain of Salvation feelings - however, could not keep my
                             attention that long.
Jul 2007:     Rush "Snakes and Arrows" (2007)
***  Great atmosphere! I liked it from the start but it sank quickly.
                             Anyhow - nice work, guys! You still deliver great stuff!
Jul 2007:     Carptree "Insekt" (2007)
****  Very original stuff from a great Swedish band. I really like it!
Jul 2007:     Blind Ego "Mirror" (2007)
****  A really nice solo CD from marvellous RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner. 
                               Some awesome tracks included (e.g. "Forbidden to Remain").
Jul 2007:     Porcupine Tree "Fear of a Blank Planet" (2007)
****  PT are defending their position as one of the top prog bands.
                              However, I miss some of the softer sides (gone to Blackfield?)
Jun 2007:     Marillion "Somewhere else" (2007)
***** How can you beat previous "Marbles" CD? Well, they almost succeed. It is good
                                enough for me to reward them with another five star ranking!
                                I really like this band! They seem to grow graciously with age!
                                Marvellous tracks "Somewhere else" and "A voice from the past"!
Jun 2007:     Blackfield "Blackfield II" (2007)
*****  Can music be more simple and yet so beautiful? A new masterpiece by
                                 Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen!
May 2007:   Transatlantic "SMPTe" (2000)
*****  Super CD by super prog rock group!
                                 Brave and beautiful version of Procol Harum's "In Held (Twas) In I"!
May 2007:   Frost "Milliontown" (2006)
** Greatly acclaimed new prog group. But I am not impressed. I miss the feeling.
Apr 2007:     Pallas "The dreams of men" (2005)
** Scottish old prog rock band - first listening did not impress. I want more.
Apr 2007:     Paatos "Timeloss" (2004)
**** Very uneven but good CD. Marvellous lullaby "Téa" in Swedish! Worth the
                              whole CD!
Mar 2007:    Pain of Salvation "Scarsick" (2007)
**** P&S commercially successful but I am not really satisfied. I want more.
                              Although, second half is very good!
Mar 2007:    Wolverine "Still" (2006)
** First try. Well, slightly disappointing but maybe I give them a chance again later.


Dec 2006:    Krister Linder "Songs from the silent years"(2006)
***** A personal favourite appreciated in a tough moment of life!
                                 Krister, I have missed you so much since the Dive era!
                                 Prog (?) hit of 2006: "Don't loose your way". See Review!

Sep 2006:    The Flower Kings "Paradox Hotel"(2006)
***** A new masterpiece from Stolt and Bodin! Impressive!
                                Ingenious and original track "Bavarian Sky".
                                Beautiful genuine prog "What if god is alone?".   See Review!
Sep 2006:    Magenta "Home" (2006)
** Lots of Genesis influences. But not enough for me.
                          And I have problems with singer Christina Booth (irritating breathing).
Sep 2006:    A.C.T. "Silence" (2006)
* Highly acclaimed band in the prog press. I don't see why. Quite mediocre.
Aug 2006:   Draconian "The burning halo" (2006)
** Testing Gothic Metal from Swedish band. Not really attracted although not
                          totally uninteresting.

Jul 2006:     Cryptic Vision "Moments of clarity" (2004)
** I gave this band one more chance. But I cannot really get connected.
Jul 2006:     Evergrey "Monday morning apocalypse" (2006)
* What a disappointment! Where did all the prog metal feeling go?
Jul 2006:     NIL "Quarante jours sur le Sinai" (2006)
**** New enjoyable CD from talented French band. Jazzy feelings - good drummer! 
Jun 2006:    Metamorphosis "After all these years" (2006)
*** Nice work (maybe too nice?) by Swiss band led by Jean-Pierre Schenk.
Jun 2006:    Pain of Salvation "Entropia" (1997)
*** Inspired by this new favourite band I wanted to listen to an early CD.
                          Quite good this too.

Jun 2006:    Ayreon "Into the electric castle" (1998)
**** Another good compilation of heavy prog music by Dutch master Arjen Lucassen.
May 2006:  Pure Reason Revolution "Dark third" (2006)
** Again fooled by reading good reviews. Some cool tracks but could not keep my interest.
Apr 2006:    Brother Ape "Shangri-la" (2006)
*** Pleasant surprise from new Swedish band. Great intro track "New Shangri-la".
Apr 2006:    Neal Morse "?" (2005)
**** Aaah! Strong CD from the rock star who found salvation (aarghhh!!). Good
                             contributions from Steve Hackett and Roine Stolt. Beautiful ballad in
                            "Outside looking in".

Mar 2006:   Steve Hackett "Wild Orchids" (2006)
**** Steve continues to deliver fine albums with lots of variation. Ear candy!
Feb 2006:   Opeth "Deliverance" (2006)
**** Amazing mix of prog metal and more traditional prog music.
                              Impressive track "Deliverance" with powerful ending.
Feb 2006:   The Tangent "A place in the queue" (2006)
***** Fascinating CD by fascinating band! Lots of prog influences but also mixed
                               with relaxed jazz feelings. Needs a lot of listening before it opens up, though.
Jan 2006:   Cryptic Vision "Moments of clarity" (2004)
** Highly praised CD from new American prog band. But I don't really like it.
                         No real touch for me.


Nov 2005:   Riverside "Second Life Syndrome"(2005)
*****  After their amazing debut album now it is time for a five star rating! Brilliant!
                                 A personal favourite track is the very emotional "Conceiving you".

Oct 2005:    Opeth "Ghost reveries"(2005)
*****  Amazing! I never thought I would give five stars to a Death Metal band but here it is!
                                 Swedish Opeth with marvellous singer Mikael Åkerfelt is a sensationally good band
                                 with lots of prog influences, yet in the Death Metal division.
                                 Track 2 "The baying of the Hounds" is sensational! Greatly recommended CD!

Sep 2005:    Glass Hammer "The inconsolable secret"(2005)
****  Yes, a great step forward. Really nice arrangements and emotions in the songs.
Aug 2005:    Lana Lane "Lady Macbeth"(2005)
*  Queen of Symphonic Rock or not, I did not like it!
Jul 2005:     K2 "Book of the dead"(2005)
***  Interesting release with Shaun Guerin (his last!), Allan Holdsworth and Ryo Okumuto.
                            Good but uneven.

Jul 2005:     Paatos "Kallocain"(2004)
****  Nice release from Swedish prog band. Marvellous singing by Petronella Nettermalm.
                               If all tracks had been like the monumental
"Holding on" I would have put five stars!

Jul 2005:     Evergrey "Recreation Day"(2003)
***  A step down compared to The Inner Circle but still quite good.
Jul 2005:     Arena "Pepper's ghost"(2005)
***  Nice prog metal but no real hit for me.
Jun 2005:     White Willow "Storm season"(2005)
***  Nice prog album by Norwegian prog band.
Jun 2005:     RPWL "World through my eyes"(2005)
*****  Again a remarkably good album from German favourites! Maybe not as strong
                                as previous releases but for me it was still the kind of record I like the most.
                                Prog hit of 2005: Roses (?)

Apr 2005:    Pain of Salvation "One hour by the concrete lake"(1998)
*****  I just had to look back at one of their earlier albums. Nothing to regret!
                                 It took some time but after a while I was completely absorbed.

Growing and growing!
Apr 2005:    Magenta "Another time...another place"(2004)
**  Decent live collection but not more.
Mar 2005:   Tomas Bodin "I am"(2005)
****  Impressive concept album from TFK keyboardist Tomas Bodin.
                               A goldmine for the ears!

Mar 2005:    Marillion "This strange engine"(1997)
*****  After the "Marbles" success I just had to take another look in their back
                                 catalogue. I found this one and what a strong one! This time with quite
                                 simple but beautiful songs like the slow moving "One fine day".
                                 For Scandinavians: Warning for the very emotional homage to the
                                 victims of "Estonia"!
Feb 2005:    Blackfield "Blackfield"(2004)
*****  Wow! What a surprise! Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson with Jewish singer
                                Aviv Geffen - an incredible combination.
                                 A row of remarkably melancholic songs (I seem to need that now and then!).
                                 Listen to the sad "Cloudy now" about the hopeless situation in the Middle East!

Feb 2005:    Magenta "Seven"(2004)
***  Decent work with good harmonies. But something is lacking, I don't know what.
Feb 2005:    Riverside "Out of myself"(2004)
****  Aaah! Nice debut by Polish Pink Floydians. This sounds very promising!
Jan 2005:    Pain of Salvation "Be"(2004)
***** A slow starter but - gosh - what it grew! Impressive despite a few less
                                 inspiring tracks! See Review!

Jan 2005:    Pain of Salvation "12:5"(2004)
**** P&S unplugged! What a musicianship! Impressive. See Review!


Dec 2004:    The Flower Kings "Adam & Eve"(2004)
****  A nice mix of typical long epic Yes-style pieces and more ordinary rock. 
                               Ingenious instrumental track "Babylon"! Perfect for my Sony-Ericsson mobile!
                               See Review!

Nov 2004:    Ayreon "The Human Equation"(2004)
*****  What an experience! This is like a musical with top quality musicians and a
                                 top story!  See Review!

Oct 2004:    Marillion "Marbles"(2004)
*****  Already 2004 - the top prog album of the decade from a band on its
                                 presumed way downhill! I am amazed!  Prog hit of 2004: "You're gone" ?
                                 Plus a long list of very strong tracks (e.g., "Invisible man", "Angelina",
                                 "Neverland"). See Review!
Sep 2004:    Tony Banks "Seven"(2004)
****  An amazing comeback by a favourite keyboard player but now with a
                               classical masterpiece!  See Review!

Sep 2004:    IQ "Dark matter"(2004)
***  Highly acclaimed CD in prog reviews. It is good but it did not leave me

Jul 2004:     Evergrey "The inner circle"(2004)
****  Prog metal at its best - new fields broken for me!  Fantastic last track
                               ("When the Walls go down")! See Review!

Apr 2004:    Pain of Salvation "Perfect Element Part I"(2000)
*****  Amazing stuff! It takes time to learn but then you are completely sold!
Feb 2004:    Porcupine Tree "In absentia"(2002)
****  P.T. still delivers top stuff - however,with some weaker tracks.   See Review!
Feb 2004:    Porcupine Tree "Signify"(1996)
****  Another very enjoyable CD - Cool style with funny introduction and end!
                               See Review!

Feb 2004:    Porcupine Tree "Sky moves sideways"(1994)
***  Psychodelic touch and lots of experimentalism.  See Review!
Feb 2004:    Porcupine Tree "Stupid Dream"(1999)
*****  The first CD I listened to with P.T. - a true masterpiece!  See Review!
Jan 2004:    Enchant "Tug of war"(2003)
***  OK CD from prog metal rockers.
Jan 2004:    Jadis "Fanatic"(2003)
**  Quite mediocre prog metal. Some good vibes but not enough for me.


Nov 2003:    Kaipa "Keyholder"(2003)
***  Good album from famous prog band of the 70s!  See Review!
Sep  2003:   Conspiracy "The Unknown"(2003)
***  Yes member Chris Squire back again with enjoyable  album. Great title track!
Aug  2003:   Saga "Marathon"(2003)
***  Canadian legends still going strong. But some lacking inspiration is sensed.
Jul  2003:    Opeth "Damnation"(2003)
****  Surprising first experience of this Swedish prog metal band, this time playing
                               only prog stuff! See Review!

Jul  2003:    Glass Hammer "Lex Rex"(2002)
***  New nice album from GH. But a bit to uneven with lots of ups and downs.
Jul  2003:    RPWL "God has failed"(2000)
*****  After the "Trying to Kiss the Sun" album I just had to have more of this band!
                                 And I found more than I thought! A marvellous debut album. Opening up
                                 already with sensational strong first track "Hole in the sky" and then just
                                 continuing in the same style! Amazing! Forget about Pink Floyd!

Jun  2003:    Steve Hackett "To Watch The Storms"(2003)
*****  A personal favourite back at his best mood again! Several very strong
                                 tracks. See Review!

May  2003:  Pain of Salvation "Remedy Lane"(2003)
*****  My first meeting with this amazing Swedish prog metal band! Stunning!
                                 See Review!

Apr  2003:   Eroc & Urs Fuchs "Eurosonic experiences"(2003)
****  Glad to listen to Grobschnitt friend Eroc again - quite enjoyable. See Review!
Jan  2003:   Camel "A nod and a wink"(2002)
****  Camel is back again - I love it! See Review!


Nov  2002:  RPWL "Trying to kiss the sun"(2002)
*****  I am knocked - better than Pink Floyd! See Review!
Oct  2002:  Spock's Beard "Snow"(2002)
*****  SB's masterpiece - and then Neal Morse quits (sob, sob...)  See Review!
Sep  2002:  Peter Gabriel "Up"(2002)
****  PG is back after 10 years - still going strong!  See Review!
Jul  2002:  Glass Hammer "Chronometre"(2000)
***  Good album from American prog rockers.
Jan  2002:  Yes "Magnification"(2001)
****  So glad to hear a good Yes album again. This time with a symphonic orchestra.
                               And it works!